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Fulfilling Your Destiny

 A friend of mine is struggling with finding the perfect job. Something that they don't hate waking up to every morning, and would actually give them a sense of purpose. My advice to her was to look at her gifts and try and do something that would fall somewhere along those lines. I think what most of us struggle with when it comes to work, is finding something that motivates us beyond it's monetary reward. This holds true particularly for someone who can't keep a job, or changes jobs very frequently. God has given every human two things, besides the immeasurable other gifts, talents and purpose. As humans if we can tune our minds into God's radar and think about what gifting or talents He has given us, then we would understand how to fulfill our purpose.

I think that when you do what you are called to do, God honors that and increases you in that area. Now that doesn't mean you won't ever be met with challenges, but it sets you up for greater success in overcoming them when they arise. You may know that you have a talent for teaching, but you're working a customer service job for a cable company to pay bills and make ends meet.  You hate getting yelled at for issues that you didn't create, and it sets the mood for the entire rest of your day. You're stressed out and try to leave it on the front porch, before you walk through the door and are met with a hungry husband, bickering kids, a pile of laundry, and dishes conveniently left in the sink just for you. The obvious human reaction is to bring some of the stresses from the day home with you, and the vicious cycle just continues, because tomorrow is going to be just like today. However, if you recognize your God given talent and begin to walk in that, or at least towards that, you will feel a greater sense of purpose as you walk out your destiny. If your talent is teaching, go back to school and get your teaching degree. Some states even allow adults with college credits to substitute teach. If your talent is organization, start your own business organizing peoples homes, or a baby proofing service. Maybe your talent is cooking, start your own catering service, work in a restaurant, or cook in a hospital. When you do what you love, it's easier to get up every day and go to work.

The other piece of advice I offered to my friend is to start her own business. Starting a business doesn't have to be an all in, I'm going to go bankrupt, or I need to get a loan to do this; venture. Start small. Figure out what your talent is and begin to think about how you can incorporate that into a small business. My friend happens to be a great make-up artist. She has done make-up for people, while working at a department store. She loved the fact that she met so many different women, and she was able to connect with them, ministering to some and even praying for others.Currently,she's working for a major credit card company collecting on debts owed and she hates it. I told her that she should start her own business being a make up artist for weddings. The cost of her starting would be no more than the cost of some business cards and promotional materials. Her and her husband have been married for over 25 years and that in itself is something that could be very encouraging to a new bride. She could start in her spare time booking up weekends, until she builds enough clients to quit her regular job. When I told her what she could do, it set her wheels turning and now she has a renewed sense of meaning and purpose.

I hope that this has encouraged you to think about what it is that God has gifted you with, so you can feel a greater sense of meaning and purpose for your life.

Blessings and love,

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