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Walking in Your Destiny

 I've often wondered why I am here, and being a believer in Jesus Christ, it is more imperative to know and try your best to fulfill the destiny you were created for. I have always believed to some degree that once a person fulfills their destiny that they are called home. This theory is no respecter of persons, with children and even newborn babies fulfilling their reason for being created. This is also one of the reasons I am so against abortion, that these un-born babies never get the opportunity to fulfill their destiny. It was a painful journey even for me, to come to this realization; after losing my first born child to a genetic disorder I was unaware I had. She was a full term still born, but her life and death forever changed me and it was through losing her that I came to truly know Christ as my savior and His Holy Spirit as my Comforter. Often we try to decipher why God has placed us here and what we are to do to please Him. I hope that what I'm about to share gives you a different insight of what we are here to do. 
   I recently began helping out a woman who has a 95 year old mother and a very busy lifestyle. She manages 3 homes in 3 different states and has overcome some physical limitations herself, as she is no spring chicken either. Needless to say she really needed some help and after interviewing with her, her mom and the previous caregiver I was offered the part-time job. Let me tell you, I don't have any experience as a caregiver beyond caring for my own children and family, but I was up for the challenge. I was standing in the bathroom with this woman and her sweet 95 year old mom, as she carefully undressed her, helped her use the toilet, wiped her, then proceeded to give her a shower. I said to myself as I quietly observed, Lord have mercy how am I going to do this? The frailty of this woman required a gentle hand and a loving character; which I knew I could provide, however to wipe and bathe someone other then my own family was going to be difficult, especially with no clinical training. Day 1 finishes up with me getting to know this sweet old soul and her playful character, but I went home contemplating whether or not I should return the next day. Day 2 arrives and I find myself standing in her bathroom, this time it is my responsibility alone to help bathe and dress her and I pray quietly: Lord let me serve you by serving her. Friends I tell you a rush of peace and love took over me and I saw Jesus as I gave this sweet little lady her shower. 
   On the ride home I realized just what I was placed here for: To serve Jesus. It doesn't matter in what capacity, I am here to serve. When you take on the mindset of doing something for someone, what they can not do for themselves, you are serving Jesus. When you uplift the overwhelmed mom, or hug a stranger that looks like they just want to break down and cry, or take a meal to an elderly neighbor, you are serving Jesus. When you tell a child how valuable they are, or mow a neighbors yard because they are away on deployment, or offer a homeless person a meal and a few kind words, you are serving Jesus. It's so easy to get caught up in life and the hectic reality of it, but we have to remember to love like Jesus loves and serve like He serves. To do this is to fulfill your destiny.
Blessings and love, 

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