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Stir Fry Anyone???

One of the easiest go to meals in my house is Chinese food. I know, I know, most people see making homemade Chinese as intimidating and difficult; but honestly when you have a shellfish allergy you pretty much have no choice. My options were to learn to make it myself or give up one of my favorite cuisines. Taking the Chinese food away from a New Yorker is like taking away chocolate. It won't kill you, but it definitely won't make you happy. So when I realized I could no longer eat commercially prepared Chinese food I set out to learn how to make it myself. That being said, there are a few fundamentals you need to know about Chinese food. The first thing is don't be afraid of the ingredients. The basic flavors in Chinese cuisine is ginger, garlic, green onion, sugar and vinegar. marinating meats in any combination of these things is going to give you some pretty tasty results. The second thing is if you don't have a fish allergy, don't be afraid to try something ne…

I need my least the good ones!

This morning's breakfast consisted of a small whole wheat bagel with greek yogurt, apples and a drizzle of local honey. In my perspective it seems to be a good start at the very least, but truth be told I really need to cut out most carbohydrates. The only problem with that is, I really don't want to set myself up for failure so early in the game. I honestly think that carbs are important for your health, but choosing the right carbs and eating them in moderation is the key. Studies have shown that eating a diet that omits carbs altogether, is harder to maintain in the long term, and also creates substantial rebound weight gain once carbs are re-introduced. The most effective way to lose weight is to omit refined carbs and sugars, add healthy carbs and grains such as quinoa, teff, and other whole grains; and eat them in moderation. A low-glycemic diet is really what I'm aiming for in hopes that I can still eat some of the foods I love; while making better choices and losin…

And So it Begins

Yesterday I went to the doctor to follow up on an annual exam and was struck with the news that I'm pre-diabetic. It seems like these days everyone is either diabetic, pre-diabetic, or overweight for that matter. Honestly, this diagnosis caught me completely off guard. I never thought of myself as really overweight, and for the most part I eat a very healthy diet. My size 12 body seemed perfectly comfortable to me with the exception of my mommy muffin top, the result of my emergency C-section. I felt completely at home in this body, resembling most of the moms I associate with, occasionally squeezing out a workout between gymnastics and karate lessons for the kids. Apparently my get in where it fits in attitude about working out isn't working out so well. So I'm giving myself 3 months to shed some pounds and turn this diagnosis around, before having to be put on medication. Pray with me as I embark on this journey to getting healthier, as I will need God's grace to …

Mother's Day

It never ceases to amaze me at how God's love for us becomes evident through other people. We go through life with walls up, not letting anyone in, afraid of getting hurt; and eventually that mentality closes us off to the possibility of beautiful friendships and relationships. Sometimes we must step outside of our comfort zone and become vulnerable in order for God to move and show up in our lives, confirming that we are not alone.
   Yesterday was Mother's Day; a touchy day when thinking about my own mom, but an otherwise beautiful day when dealing with my children and understanding how blessed I am to be a mom myself. We recently moved to a new place and didn't really know anyone, but we were invited to share  Mother's Day with a woman from my church and her family. Not knowing what to expect we went, looking forward to the fellowship and some time out of the house. It was funny because I'm that mom that feeds her kids before going somewhere so they don'…

Worry About Nothing. Pray About Everything.

I woke up this morning feeling just a little off and as I prayed, as I normally try to do if I'm the first one up, I found myself not being able to make my request; but instead thanked God for all He has done; even those things I'm still waiting to come to fruition. We often look at our lives and think about how we wish things could be better. More money, less stress, better health, a more loving or supportive spouse. Honestly, these are the burdens everyone carries no matter how rich they may be or what their social status is. I came to the reality this morning that nothing ever changes simply by worrying or complaining.  Worrying won't make bills disappear, worrying won't make you feel better physically or emotionally, worrying won't make people treat you the way you want to be treated. What does work is prayer. Prayer has moved many mountains in my life, and looking back I'm so grateful to God at how He answered my prayers. Some prayers were answered immedia…


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